🔖 | The Rules

Big Book of Rules

Each rule has its own thread to further delve down into the detail, this thread is for a master list to assist in readability

Last Updated : 16/07/2022 :

General Etiquette

  1. [Rule] Communication and Abillity

  2. [Rule] Bans and Warnings

  3. [Rule] Terms of Service

  4. [Rule] Expanded Terms of Service

Roleplay Rules

  1. [Rule] Priority is to Roleplay

  2. [Rule] Value of Life

  3. [Rule] Deathmatch and Variants

  4. [Rule] Fail Roleplay (FRP)

  5. [Rule] Metagaming

  6. [Rule] Exploits and Bugs

  7. [Rule] Third Party Applications

  8. [Rule] Max Group Sizes

  9. [Rule] Hostages

  10. [Rule] Toxic Behaviors

  11. [Rule] Corruption

  12. [Rule] Prohibited forms of Role Play

  13. [Rule] Memory and Memberberrys

  14. [Rule] Group Activities and Roles/Jobs

  15. [Rule] Revenge Plays