[Rule] Value of Life

  • You live your character’s life. Value it.

Remember that time you intentionally ran off a building after being chased by police and then popped a parashoot only to fall into a moving truck that you then did a backflip out of and landed on your feet only to walk into oncoming traffic and get hit by another car and died? I don’t blame you if you don’t, because you’d be dead. Well then, value your life.

  • Hardcore notice

As this will be a hardcore labelled server, be aware. After your character gets downed, if emergency services do not revive you prior to disconnecting, You will be blocked from using that character for a week from that time of downed. This is a state of being “comatose” for that character.

You can appeal this in the event that you had an error or were targeted by a DM situation.

It’s easiest to have some footage of it, so we encourage recording gameplay. As it’s harder to find the honest or real answer as an admin.

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