[Rule] Terms of Service

Data and Privacy

An outline of our policy and what we do with your data for the purposes of hosting game services

  • Information collected

We collect information for the purposes of game data identification. To enable safe saving and loading of data to the correct individual. Specifics may change slightly per server but all include at least one source of unique identifier (ID) based on game played plus IP address.

Other information may be collected upon registration for various things inclusive of contact information such as email when using our Tebex store.

We will not sell, agree to send or pass information across to any other third party, unless mandated by court order to do so, relevant to geolocational laws of the user and our own.

We will not ask you for account information at any time, inclusive of review requests. If you find your account or identifiers are marked and subsequently banned from our services, there will be no appeal or process to review as they are the responsibility of the individual.

  • Saved Data

If our servers hold data to your play or game, the right and ownership of this data is ours.

We provide the originator of this data full access via in game means, and in certain circumstances, external means.

Access and Accounts

  • Unscheduled Interruptions

As with all systems and services there will be down times that are unavoidable. These times are generally abrupt and can cause minor loss of data. There will be no effort to return loss of data in these instances.

  • Planned Maintenance and Updates

Generally all updates will be pre mentioned within this discord. Unless the patch is deemed urgent, they will be held to a routine outlined within the #information channel under each servers information. Planned maintenance windows are also outline there.

  • Access to users

Every effort is too maintain uptime. Issues will occur outside of our control from time to time.
We reserve the right to immediately shutdown services should an emergency occur.

These can include disruptions to our network, external attack or intrusion attempts.

  • Account Safety

We have not yet implemented any form of check to confirm user ownership on data, but instead rely on identifiers. As such do not let others in your household access your accounts such as “Discord”, “Steam”, “Rockstar” or “FiveM”.

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