[Rule] Revenge Plays

  • Revenge Plays are only permitted after being legitimately revived by another player.

  • You cannot seek revenge if your character awakes from a coma as all events on the day you were injured are gone.

  • Revenge is only permitted within 24 hours.

This gives people time to plan, organise and get things sorted without pressure of other people’s play times.

This does not impact group or role related activities. If a group is at beef with another group only the bosses of these groups can calm the beef down. Therefore this supercedes any form of revenge.

Revenge may be conducted on people in city centric roles, however this cannot be used as a reason to attack them. If you were injured from someone performing their role like a police officer, this does not constitue reason for revenge, unless that officer injured you for no reason or while not performing active duties for the city.

It’s pretty simple, if you’re in a shoot out with police because you killed a Civily. Probably don’t try and use the revenge rule.

If a off beat cop, hustled you for cash, yeah, go at him even when their on duty.

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