[Rule] Priority is to Roleplay

Should be self explanatory;

  • You join to Role-play, so Role-play.

You must at all times engage in communication towards all others, this is not a server to release your emotion’s within, you are not to impose beliefs on others, everyone has their own opinion and do not argue it.

If you have issues with others, we recommend you follow a greivance policy just like any work place and talk it out with them. Just NOT within the server.

Do it on this forum via direct messaging the other party, you can also try on discord.

If the other party does not respond or refuse to speak to you, a moderation process can be established where an admin can arrange a sit down with both parties. Be aware, during this, if either party becomes uncivil or refuses to participate, actions will be taken agenst them. Resulting in a ban, duration based on actions.

More information to fill in here.

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