[Rule] Memory and Memberberrys

  • Getting downed doesn’t mean you have forgotten what has occurred. You just gain no new information on what’s happening while unconscious.

This means you get knocked down, you are unconscious. Your ability to talk is removed, your movement gone, camera is locked on your body. Few functions and game mechanics are available for you to seek assistance.

Chat is NOT to be used in any way shape or form to ask for help

Everything around you is blurred, you are blacked out. You now have no new information, entering your character.

  • You only lose memories if you are not revived via the means of another player assisting you.

  • If you leave the game your character is on cool down, in a coma, for 7 days, all events on the day of being comatose are also forgotten.

E.G. You get into a huge gun fight and take a bullet to the head from a traitor?
As long as you get revived via another player’s actions, you member that son of a bitch.

Just follow the revenge guidelines.

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