[Rule] Max Group Sizes

  • Maximum 4 people to a group in an active Role-play situation.

This doesn’t limit the total group members such as roles/jobs/gangs etc, it just helps limit and contain the Role-play to the people involved and to not overload situations with too many voices

  • Maximum of 1 Boss to a Job, Role, Gang or other.

You cannot have three bosses. You can assign people to levels below things to assist you, however all primary role actions are directed by the person who holds the role or title of boss.

  • Maximum of 2 Hostages in any situation.

This is expanded in the next rule section

  • Maximum of 32 Members to any job, gang, role or other.

Exceptions are, the Unemployed or Role-less. This number may grow as server capacity increases, so stay aware of the total number.

  • Maximum of 3 Emergency Service Personnel to an Active Vehicle/Unit.

This is mainly to operate in pairs or to conduct training of newer personnel or a ride long

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