[Rule] Group Activities and Roles/Jobs

  • Typically, jobs should be prioritized for self income and sustainable functions of the city, however, it is you the character, who is to put a job or your group first.
    An employer may fire, remove privileges or functions from you if you abandon your job.

  • Groups can control what they want.
    If you think you can do it, do it, run the drugs, pimp the hoes, shoot the police. Just don’t be too surprised if the city bites back if you take too much.

Also, mind your limits of members. If it goes beyond our rules, penalties will occur to all members.

It could be enforced in code, but really, if you’re a boss, you can manage your own empire. Otherwise, I’ll help ruin it through various means.

  • No admin interference will occur, unless the balance of the economy and immersion of daily hardship is broken.

  • Group vs group conflicts can only be resolved from communication between bosses of the group.
    That is to say, if you want to resolve any conflict, even if it means dissolving the other group, conditions must be met so that both parties agree to prior engagement in violent activities.

  • Both sides must agree to these terms, any party members that disagree with the bosses or decisions in these matters must be removed and disassociated with the group to prevent revenge role-play.

Group matters may supersede the individual.

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