[Rule] Bans and Warnings

  • Temporary bans are issued as warnings and you find out by message displayed as you are kicked from the game server. It is recommended that you screenshot this message.

  • The shortest ban is 24 hours. This give you time to go away and reconsider your actions.

  • The longest and most frequent is permanent.

  • There is currently no way to protest a permanent ban.

  • Special circumstances are not granted.

    Upon receiving a temporary ban, you can not dispute it, you can only wait it out.

    Our reasoning is as follows;

    Too many people continue to dispute something whilst in a game server, this not only wastes our time, it discourages play and these events cause more negative impact to others around impacted by the event.

    Not doing this causes undue stress to staff, members and other players in proximity.
    It also results in less fire to feed the dispute.

    Everyone will at some point be banned to reflect upon their actions or rule breaches.

    It is not a punishment as much as it is a rehabilitation of thought towards role play.

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