[Info] Termenologies of Roleplay

Often you will hear certain phrases while role playing and may not know exactly what they mean, or if they are allowed to be said.

Within our server we have made this list that you are permitted to use freely without worry.


  • Scuff, Scuffed, Jank, Janky
    Things are broken for you or janky at best and unresponsive

  • Woke up, Awoke
    Just got back into the server/awoke my character

  • Comatose, Coma
    When a character is incapacitated for 7 days


  • Reset, Shutdown, Wipe, Tsunami, etc
    Characters do not know they are in a game, they are not Deadpool. They don’t break the third or fourth wall, so why does their world end at restart times/outages?