[Guide] Main User Interface (UI)

Upon loading in, you will have noticed the small boxes on the bottom right of your screen.


We have attempted to make an all-in-one menu for your wants and needs, along with specific key-binds tailored for you.

We have it default mapped to the “F1” Key on your keyboard.

You can click and drag UI elements around, they will have their positions saved, you don’t have to worry about doing it again.


Currently, the first button in the bottom right marked with a question mark, is for modifying the UI elements to suit your needs (wants). You can move this window where ever you want.


If you would like to use items within the inventory (which is accessed by pressing “i”)
Press “F1” to activate the mouse cursor afterwards.

The key-bind of “i” is a hotkey used, without the need to interrupt the movement of your character.